Campaign for a Prosperous, Healthy, Vibrant St. Louis Region.

The St. Louis region is coming together to improve public health, grow the economy, and create a more sustainable future. Businesses, local governments, institutions, organizations, and individuals from across the region are collaborating to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand access to healthy food, increase biodiversity, advance transit-oriented development, reduce waste, and improve water quality & green infrastructure. Learn more about this exciting regional collaboration, see who has supported us so far, and show your support today.

OneSTL is a multifaceted effort to encourage and support greater sustainability within the 8-county St. Louis region. A plan was completed in 2013 through a collaboration of eleven partners and with the participation and engagement of 50 other organizations. Thousands of people contributed input to the full plan which can be found here.

In April of 2017, OneSTL partners held a regional sustainability summit at the Eric P. Newman Educational Center at Washington University in St. Louis. An outcome of the summit was the recommendation of six sustainability targets to be used to guide future efforts of the many organizations collaborating on OneSTL Plan implementation and generally working on sustainability.


Basic Information

Supporters So Far

Organizational Supporters

  • Curium
  • Bi-State Development of the Missouri-Illinois Metropolitan District
  • MBS Urban Initiaves CDE, LLC
  • Global Products, Inc
  • Global Products, Inc
  • Renew Missouri
  • Sitton Energy Solutions
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Mayor Lyda Krewson - City of St. Louis
  • University City, MO
  • City of Clayton, MO
  • Linda Goldstein Consulting
  • The Nature Conservancy in Missouri
  • Heartlands Conservancy
  • Thomas Dun Learning Center
  • St. Louis Food Policy Coalition
  • Missouri Coalition for the Environment
  • Citizens for Modern Transit
  • US Green Building Council - Missouri Gateway Chapter
  • Willoughby Heritage Farm and Conservation Reserve/
  • International Society of Sustainability Professionals StL Chapter
  • Green Dining Alliance / St. Louis Earth Day
  • Nine Network of Public Media

Individual Supporters

  • Gary Skolnick
  • John Moore
  • Rene Dulle
  • Jason Pierce
  • Jennifer Wendt
  • Alex Pennington
  • Lisa Cagle
  • Kimberly Kreitner
  • J.P. Johnson
  • Carrie Dickhans
  • Kathrina Donegan
  • Kathrina Donegan
  • Nicole Pearl
  • Ian Ashcraft
  • Mary Patterson
  • Sheila Voss
  • Gena Jain
  • John Sweet
  • Rachel Greathouse
  • Lacy Cagle
  • Phil Valko
  • Sarah Staebell
  • Joseph Martinich
  • Ally Siegler
  • Emily Andrews
  • Anna Vogel
  • Tiffany Trautwein
  • Lisa Young
  • Aaron Young

This campaign of support is presented to the St. Louis region through a collaboration of the following organizations: